Six Ways to Help

We are building and supporting a sustainable Go culture in the United States, and we need your help! Here are several ways that you can make important contributions to our mission.

Give Money

The AGF is a small but efficient foundation where more than 90% of your contribution by check or credit card goes directly to program support. And remember, you can deduct 100% of your contribution from your taxable income. Just donate by Paypal, or download our donor form and mail it in with a check.

Give Time

Start an extracurricular club at a local school. Public libraries also welcome such programs and often provide free space. If you like the idea, but don't know how to start, contact the AGF mentoring program at Explore this site further and you will see many types of available support. We want to help!

Give Ideas

We're always looking for better ways to grow the American Go-playing community. Please share your ideas with us. Did you make a really cool Go poster? Do you have a lesson plan you developed for use in your classroom? Thinking about some "out-of-the-box" idea you'd like to try? Get in touch at

Maybe Your Employer Will Give Too

Some large companies match employee donations to tax-deductible charities like us, so your donation can count double. IBM, Microsoft, ExxonMobil and Google have all matched employee contributions to the AGF. If your company has such a program, even if they don't list us, perhaps you can persuade them. Ask us how we can help.

Find A Local Sponsor

If you're already organizing Go in your community, your friends, neighbors and local businesses may be able to support your efforts and get a tax deduction! Many earmarked contributions for local educational and cultural events are fully tax deductible. Write for more information.

Planned Giving

An earmarked remembrance in your will can extend your legacy, build an endowment for Go, and extend your support for American Go to future players.