The AGF offers scholarships to bring young people to the US Go Congress every year. We also offer $1,000 College Scholarships annually.


To encourage local schools and after-school programs to launch new Go programs, the American Go Foundation provides teaching grants.

Fiscal Agency

With the AGF's "fiscal agency" program, you don't have to depend on us for financial support -- you can get it yourself and offer donors the same tax breaks they get when they donate to us directly!

AGA Resources

The AGA maintains an excellent page on how to build up a club, as well as extensive tutorials, lesson plans, and helpful advice. If you need help making your club a success, click here to visit their site. 

Go Clubs Online

A suite of online club management utilities. Your students can manage your database, events and other important info, while learning transferable online database management skills. GoClubsOnline is AGA Certified Compliant with it's integrated pairings module and reporting features. There's more info here. Sign up here.

Normally $39/yr

The authors offer a generous 1/3 discount to AGF approved programs

Baduk Club

Baduk Club is another great resource that host a map of Go players and Go clubs around the world! In addition to this, Baduk Club also offers an event calendar to see up coming tournaments. Check it out here! Or check out the Go camp here!


Interested in watching Go live? Check out the Go category on Twitch! Many Go players, professional players, and organizations will live stream Go at various times. Fine out more here!


If you want to learn more about Go in a video format, check out Youtube! There are many Go instructors that make Youtube videos regularly. For ideal results, you want to search for commonly used terms like "Go Game", "Baduk", or "WeiQi".


Are you on Facebook? Then join the Go (Baduk, WeiQi) Community group! There are many post here every day with over 15,000 members! Check it out here!


Another popular media platform, Reddit! Reddit has a thriving Go community under the r/baduk community. Over 35,000 members are in this group and new post are happening daily! Read more here!