Go Servers

Want to play online? Check out these online Go servers! All of which are free to play!

KGS Go Server

KGS is the oldest English Go server that is still around. Owned by yours truly, the AGF, KGS is a great place to start playing if you want a reliable and long used client! Find out more here. Or check out the chrome extension here.

Online Go Server

A Go server you can play in your browser, the Online Go Server started out as a correspondence server but now supports live play as well. Easy to use and get started, check them out here!

Kids Go Server

Want a safe Go server for your kids to play on? Check out the Kid's Go Server! A safe place for your kids to play with their friends. Also very useful for teachers who teach kids in a classroom setting. Check it out here!

Fox WeiQi

Want to play on an Asian Go server? Check out Fox WeiQi! Fox is a Chinese Go server that is very popular among strong players to play on. Get their English client here.


Another great Asian Go server. Tygem is a Korean server. This is very popular among foreigners who have traveled to Korea and is well known and used in Korea as well. Get it here!


Want more Korean Go? Check out this Korean Go server WBaduk. This server is well known for watching professional Go games as well as getting the latest Go news in Korea. Find out more here!


Formally known as IGS, Pandanet is the Japanese Go server. If you would like to play the more traditional Japanese players this is the place to Go! Get on today here!