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About The American Go Foundation

The American Go Foundation is a tax-deductible charitable organization devoted to promoting and spreading Go in the United States.

Board of Directors

Terry Benson, President

Paul Barchilon, Vice President

Barbara Calhoun, Treasurer

Keith Arnold, Secretary

Larry Gross

Chris Kirschner

Gurujeet Khalsa (AGA President -- ex officio)

Roy Laird

Audrey Wang

Bonnie White

Lionel Zhang 

Andrew Zhang (youth representative) 

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How We Help

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Our History

In 1984 Roger B. White, a prominent Cleveland industrialist, established the American Go Foundation. White discovered Go when he was in his forties. He wasn't a top player, hovering in the neighborhood of 9K, but when it came to love of the game, he was a match for anyone. In the 1980's White was the AGA Club Coordinator and he, his wife Bonnie, and their dog Lady, traveled the country in an RV visiting Go clubs large and small. The thousands of miles he traveled earned him the nickname "the Johnny Appleseed of Go". He guided and underwrote the creation of the first computer program to play go across telephone lines. He was the principal editor, driving force, and funder for the development of The Way To Go, and worked to broaden the presence of Go in Western society in every way he could. He provided the initial funds for the AGF and, at his death in 2002, he left a generous bequest to keep it strong. The AGF is a fitting legacy.

During the 1980's and 1990's, proceeds from US Go Congresses were placed on deposit with the AGF. Half of those funds were earmarked for use by Congress organizers; the rest went to support AGF programs, which grew over the years with the success of the US Go Congress. In 2000 , the AGA became a formally recognized tax-exempt entity and took over management of the US Go Congress. This move provided the AGA with a new funding stream to help promote Go.

Today the AGF relies completely on the generosity of donors like you for everything we do. Our hundreds of school programs are developing a new generation of Go players, and more people are playing Go in America than at any time in history.

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