The AGF Store offers a wide range of materials for playing and teaching the game of Go, many not available elsewhere. Materials are available in the following categories.

WE DO NOT SELL TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Only AGF-approved teaching programs qualify for free equipment, subsidies for startup gear from this store and other vendors, technical support and more. AGF-approved programs also receive discounts of 15% or more from our Go vendor partners. 

AGA chapters can also purchase from our store at full price. Click here to learn more. 

Canadian Go Association programs may purchase from this store at full price. All other sales must ship to an address within the US.

Plan ahead! The AGF is a small organization with part-time staff. We cannot guarantee fulfillment of rush orders. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

For simple orders, just e-mail us for a price quote that includes shipping. If you are requesting multiple items fill out our Order Form. Please include the name of your approved program. Shipping costs can vary widely; we will e-mail you a quote. When you know the total due (cost plus shipping minus any matching funds), pay by Paypal by clicking the button on the right or by mailing in your check or money order.

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Need Approval?

It's easy to become an AGF-approved program if you have an active program or a group of interested students. Your school, library or community youth Go program can qualify. Just fill out our online Project Application Form.

Approved programs can get:

•  Free Classroom Starter Set for up to 24 beginners. A $50 value.

 Matching Funds: Up to $200 per program for approved expenses (books, equipment, tournament prizes). 

    Submit $400 in receipts and you will be reimbursed $200.

•  Prizes for tournaments: $50 in direct funding, for tournament prizes.  (The AGA provides matching funds for college-based chapters.)

Discounts on books or equipment from participating Go vendors, click here for a list.

Applicants should be a teacher or advisor over the age of 18. Students may start programs as long as they have a co-applicant who is over the age of 18. If you need help starting a club, we can assign an AGF Mentor to help you develop your Go program. E-mail us for help if you need it. 

Thank You For All That You Do!

Free Resources

Free Library Starter Set

A $36 value free to all AGF-approved Go programs! Up to 14 kids can begin playing right away. Contains:

The Library Starter Set is perfect for a smaller group of kids that doesn't have a dedicated teacher who already knows how to play Go. If you have more experienced players and larger numbers, order the Classroom Starter Set instead.

Free Classroom Starter Set

A $50 value free to all AGF-approved Go programs! Up to 24 students can begin playing right away. Contains:

Free for all new youth programs. Additional starter sets are $50 each.

Free Book for Organizers

Go As Communication by Yasuda Yasutoshi, a 9 Dan professional Go player (Slate & Shell Press 2001) presents a whole new way of looking at the game. When Yasuda became concerned about social problems among young people, he began visiting Japanese schools, teaching children a simplified version of Go, which he called "First Capture Go." Seeing immediate positive effects, he expanded his efforts to homes for the elderly and then to institutions for the mentally and physically handicapped. This book is the record of a surprising discovery, namely, that "First Capture Go" can have enormous educational and therapeutic value, even with senior citizens and those suffering from developmental delays and other disabilities.

The American Go Foundation will send a free copy of this inspiring book to any Go teacher who lives in the US. Contact us at to request your copy. When you write, please tell us a little bit about yourself and why this book interests you. Be sure to include your mailing address.

Free AGF Sampler

If you're thinking of introducing Go in your classroom or after-school program, but aren't quite ready for a full program, the AGF Sampler is just for you. It includes a 9x9 cardboard playing set, a CD with more than 300 MB of valuable material, an instructional booklet, and more. To request your free sampler, just drop us a line at let us know a little bit about you and your interest in the Sampler. Please include your street address. 

Falling in Love with Baduk - Play a Game in a Week!


For everyone!

Two young Korean pros lay out the basics in seven lessons, taking the reader from complete novice to game-ready.

Please download and share this wonderful book.

Click here to download. (86 MB)

Click here to view the "Errata" page on Sensei's Library.

Level Up! Volume One


for AGF approved school & library programs.

Written by a Korean master teacher who has taught Baduk to thousands of children, Level Up! 1 presents hundreds of simple problems that give beginners lots of practice with the basics. Specially designed to appeal to children.

Thanks to the generosity of the publisher, Baduktopia, the AGF is able to offer a FREE copy of Volume One to libraries and schools with active Go programs. If you order at the same time that you request a Class Room Starter set, there is no charge. If ordering separately, we charge $5 to cover shipping and handling.

Yellow Mountain Imports sells all ten volumes.

If you like Level Up!, be sure to check out Baduktopia's four-volume Essential Life and Death.

NOTE: These books contain only problems. You can download the answers here.


We love our Go vendor partners! We're not trying to compete with them. The equipment below is available to AGF-approved programs in limited quantites for use as club sets or tournament prizes only. They are not for resale or distribution to players for personal use. But don't be sad -- our partners will give AGF-approved programs discounts of 15%or more. 

Playing Equipment

The Club Classic Set


A full size go set.

Club Classic "A La Carte"

Board and stones available separately.

9x9 Vinyl Board


19x19 Vinyl Board


Small Wooden Board


High quality wood veneer playing board, 9x9 on one side, 13x13 on the other. 

Teaching Equipment

9x9 Cardboard, 10 Pack


Make your own board. Click here to download the pdf we use to make these boards, including the AGA Rules that appear on the back.

Beginner's Kit


Make your own board. Click here to download the pdf we use to make these boards, including the AGA Rules that appear on the back.

The Way to Go

$4.50 per 15 pack.

Karl Baker's wonderful introduction, "The Way To Go," is probably the most widely read introduction in English. You can also download it for free, and give it to anyone interested in go—in fact we hope you will! There is a .pdf file formatted for printing, or one formatted for reading as an e-book on a standard size computer screen. 

Legal Note: "The Way To Go" is a copyrighted work. Permission is granted to make copies for personal use. Copies may be distributed freely to others either in print or electronic form, provided no fee is charged for distribution and all copies contain the copyright notice. 

AGA Starter CD

$10 per 10 pack.

Promotional Materials

Go Poster


The Surrounding Game


($10 with AGF matching funds.)

THE SURROUNDING GAME tells the story of Go, the world's most ancient and enigmatic game. Following the lives of three young Americans vying to become the first Western professional Go players, the film explores the search for meaning that Go represents to its players, for whom the game is a distillation of consciousness itself. This 97 minute documentary makes a great introduction to Go and the people who love it, with footage from the US, China, Korea, and Japan.

The aspiring pros often use colorful language. As such, the film is recommended for college age or mature high school students. Teachers of middle and elementary school kids are advised to pre-screen the film and use discretion in showing the film or selected sections. Watch the trailer here 

AGF Iron on Patches


Kids love to decorate their backpacks with these official AGF patches. Choose the AGF logo or the Tigersmouth insignia. They make great prizes and awards for your children's program. 


Anime Prize Pack


We do ask for $20 to cover shipping and handling.

A treasure trove of best selling anime, perfect for attracting kids to tourneys. This collection of anime includes some titles that are popular with boys, and some with girls. A total of 31 DVDs, plus one volume of manga, and a soundtrack CD. Thanks to a generous donation, we are able to offer the Anime Prize Pack for free. The pack contains:

Hunter x Hunter - 9 DVDs, popular with boys

Fruits Basket- 4 DVDS, a favorite with girls

Kodocha - 14 DVDs, for girls

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - 1 DVD, 1 manga, 1 CD, popular with both genders

Iridescent Go Stickers


Younger players love these sparkly stickers from Japan, printed on optical reflective mylar, which is hard to photograph properly. The actual stickers look much better than the image to the left. More than twenty stickers on each 6" sheet. Choose iridescent silver (seen on the right: no color in actual stickers) or full color.

Not available in stores!

Go Books

Go World - Back Issues


for AGA members.

With analysis of important games by top pros, instructional material for all levels, news and other features Go World Magazine is the ultimate resource for the serious player. Kiseido does offer digital versions of issues 1-120, but hard copies of back issues are only available here! The AGF has acquired the entire remaining inventory of this wonderful magazine. Some are quite plentiful, we have more than 600 copies of some issues; other rarer issues are priced below accordingly. When they're gone, they're gone!

Never seen an issue of Go World? Now's your chance! Click here to download a FREE sample issue (#45).

NOTE: This offer is valid only in the US.

Click here to view the contents of each issue.

Click here to download the order form.

This offer is available only to members of The American Go Association.

Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game


The book itself is only $5, thanks to a special deal with the publisher. The AGF asks $5 to cover shipping and handling. (The usual minimum is $10; if you include this book in a larger order you will save $5.) 

This highly readable introduction tells beginners everything they need to get started. Interspersed chapters on culture, history and other aspects of the game make this beginners book fascinating from beginning to end. If your library is only going to have one book on Go, it should be this one.