Matching Grants for Teaching Programs

To encourage local schools and after-school programs to launch new Go programs, the American Go Foundation will provide matching grants as follows:

To apply for a matching grant, simply fill out the Project Application Form.. Matching payments for teachers will require physical proof of payment, in the form of paystubs, canceled checks, or written receipts from parents or schools. Teachers who receive matching funds must submit a year end report to the AGF detailing number of students, level of play, and a short narrative of the highlights of the year/semester.

The Board reserves the right to waive any and all of these limitations for programs which serve more students and/or are demonstrably effective in developing players who participate outside class or participate over time. There is no AGF reimbursement for transportation costs or travel time.

Other teaching programs (college, adult, institutional and mixed ages) may apply for matching grants for teaching, books, or equipment. They will be considered and awarded based on the program, community support, and the availability of funds.

Teachers will receive 1099 forms, as required by Federal law, for any payments totaling over $600 in a calendar year.

Visiting Professional Grants

The AGF encourages established Go programs to take advantage of the professional Go players residing here in America, both those certified by the AGA and by foreign organizations. We will pay 50% of the cost, up to $1,500 per program, for locations that bring a Pro out to teach. Travel, lodging, and professional fees are all eligible for reimbursement. Each location may request funding up to the $1,500 limit. AGF programs and AGA Chapters are both eligible for this grant. Requests will be considered on a first come first serve basis up to a cap of $15,000 for the year. To view a list of professionals living in the US, visit the AGA Professionals page. To apply for matching, email us at