Engage kids and teens with Go, the ancient game of emperors and samurai

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"My faculty and I firmly believe in the value of engaging students through hands-on, minds-on learning, and the game of Go falls perfectly in the realm of stimulating learning experience. "

-- Joy Zhao, Director of Academics, YingHua International School, Princeton , NJ 

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Our Mission

The American Go Foundation is dedicated to promoting Go in the U.S. With our support, thousands of American children have learned Go in hundreds of schools, libraries and community centers across the country. We also provide scholarships and resources for youth who play Go, and we support Go in institutional settings such as prisons, and senior centers. 

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Our Passion

Discover Go, the ancient Asian board game that's as compelling today as it was 4,000 years ago. Go is simple enough for a child, yet has only recently been mastered by a supercomputer, it's a gateway for learning, and a model for parallel thinking. A game of Go is a wordless communication, the mutual construction and solution of a puzzle as easy or as complex as the players can make it. 

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Teaching Equipment

We have plenty of equipment to support the creation and growth of AGF programs!

9x9 gobans, magnetic teaching board, and our "Way to Go" booklets we have a lot to offer new and growing programs.